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Sächsische RLT

30 Görlitzer Hoppel-Poppel-Turnier 2023

City Görlitz (SN)
Turnhalle der Grundschule Görlitz - Königshufen
Windmühlenweg 6-8
02828 Görlitz
Nation Germany
Date May 13, 2023 - May 14, 2023
The number of participants is unlimited.

A valid DFB fencing pass is a starting requirement for German fencers. Adolescents under the age of 18 need a health certificate (not older than 365 days).

Quota None

Entries ind. Per club 2 - 4 5 +
Mandatory referees 1 2
Fine Per tournament €50.00 €100.00

Referees must be provided based on the total entries per day.

The referees activity is not paid by the organizer.

Federation Sächsischer Fechtverband e.V.
Club Fechtsportverein Görlitz e.V.
Organizer Fechtsportverein Görlitz e.V.
Contact Telefon: 0172 / 9266165

Further information
View entries and results

Entries to:
until May 10, 2023, 12:00:00 AM Central European Summer Time only by: Club
Cancel until May 11, 2023, 12:00:00 AM Central European Summer Time

Day Entry desk close Begin Continued Finals Competition allowed Quota Entry fee
13.05. 09:00 09:30 Foil Women's I U13 2010 - 2011 €15.00
Foil Women's I U11 2012 - 2013 €15.00
Foil Women's I U9 2014 - 2015 €15.00
Foil Men's I U13 2010 - 2011 €15.00
Foil Men's I U11 2012 - 2013 €15.00
Foil Men's I U9 2014 - 2015 €15.00
14.05. 09:00 09:30 Epee Women's I U13 2010 - 2011 €15.00
Epee Women's I U11 2012 - 2013 €15.00
Epee Women's I U9 2014 - 2015 €15.00
Epee Men's I U13 2010 - 2011 €15.00
Epee Men's I U11 2012 - 2013 €15.00
Epee Men's I U9 2014 - 2015 €15.00

Payment Surcharge Remarks
Barzahlung +€0.00 +0.00%
Late entry surcharge €10.00 Per late entry
Competition manager Michael Voß
Tournament officials Olaf Dietrich
Head of referees Olaf Dietrich
Rules and legal

The event takes place according to FIE, DFB and SFV regulations.


Organizer assume no liability. All participants are for responsible for the personal equipment.


The participants submit to the jurisdiction of the Sächsischer Fechtverband e.V.

Image / TV rights

The participants and their legal representatives declare that they agree to a publication of their names, clubs and year of birth as the as the competition data.. The fencer / legal representative declares his consent to the production, distribution and display of images, sound and film during the competitions. This consent is free of charge, has unlimited territorial and temporal validity and applies to the right to the image as well as the general right of personality. It includes all media, but in particular the right to reproduce recordings in print, TV shows and the Internet. There is the possibility, but no obligation, to give the name.


Equipment according to definition DFB.

Catering The Cafeteria is run by our club.