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Regional Tournaments

Rank Status Date Competition
14 11/16/19 / 11/17/19 GER Berlin Int. Wittenauer Fuchs Foil Men's U11 Individual
11 9/14/19 / 9/15/19 GER Potsdam Sanssouci Cup Foil Men's U11 Individual


Rank Status Date Competition
8 6/1/19 GER Spremberg The last fight of the season Foil Men's U10+U9 Individual
Rank Status Date Competition
10 10/27/19 GER Cottbus Cup of Brandenburg Foil Men's U11 Individual



Rank Points Season Federation Ranking
2 10.00 2019 Brandenburger Rangliste Brandenburger Fechterbund e.V. Foil Men's U11 Individual


Club Type Start End  
SVA Oranienburg (GER) Club May 8, 2019 First membership