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Regional Championships
Rank Date Competition
5 3/5/22 Lemgo Young Champions Trophy GER Westfälische Meisterschaften en Epee Women's U20 Individual
Rank Date Competition
19 3/19/22 / 3/20/22 Leverkusen Championship of Nordrhein Westfalen Epee Women's U20 Individual
Regional Tournaments
Rank Date Competition
3 4/16/22 Lemgo Young Champions Trophy Germany Finale Epee Women's U20 Individual
5 4/2/22 Paderborn Young Champions Trophy Germany Epee Women's U20 Individual
Rank Date Competition

Match results



Season 2021/2022
Wins Round 5
Losses Round 11
Wins Elimination direct 0
Losses Elimination direct 2
Total hits 70
Average hits winning Round 5 (5 / 5)
Average hits losing Round 2 (1 / 2.38)
Average hits winning Elimination direct
Average hits losing Elimination direct 11.5 (11.5 / 0)



Rank Points Season Title Competition
6 28.00 2021 Westfälische Rangliste Epee U20 Individual
Season Selection Discipline Federation Trainingcenter Coach


Club Type Start End  
TV Paderborn (GER) Club Feb 17, 2022 First membership

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