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National Championships
Rank Date Competition
9 4/7/18 Biel Bienne Championships of Switzerland Veterans Epee Men's V60 Individual
6 3/15/14 Biel Bienne Championnats suisses Vétérans Epee Men's V60 Individual
Regional Championships
Rank Date Competition
14 10/21/20 Biel/Bienne Regional Championships Epee Men's Senior Individual
14 10/24/18 Biel/Bienne Kantonalmeisterschaft Degen Epee Men's Senior Individual

Match results



Season 2020/2021
Wins Round 1
Losses Round 4
Wins Elimination direct 0
Losses Elimination direct 1
Total hits 22
Average hits winning Round 5 (5 / 0)
Average hits losing Round 0.75 (0.5 / 1)
Average hits winning Elimination direct
Average hits losing Elimination direct 14 (14 / 0)


Season Selection Discipline Federation Trainingcenter Coach


Club Type Start End  
CEB Biel/Bienne (SUI) Club First membership

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