Ophardt Online - платформа веб-администрирования для организаторов соревнований, федераций, клубов и отдельных спортсменов, официальных лиц и судей.
for athletes
for referees
  • Check your schedule and your invitations
  • Maintain your personal data
  • Upload your photo
for event organizers
  • Create and edit your events, invitations and registrations
  • Book your tournaments for Ophardt Touch
  • Contact s.lange@ophardt-team.org for the accreditation service
for clubs and federations
  • Manage athletes, referee and official coaches
  • Registration and pre-registration for events
  • Order and manage licenses
  • Check out your favorites
results and rankings
  • Competition results since the first Olympic Games of the modern period 1896
  • Rankings of various associations