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2023 German Championships

City Moers
Enni-Sportpark Rheinkamp
Am Sportzentrum5
47445 Moers
Nation Germany
Date May 20, 2023 - May 21, 2023
Participation Only athletes with the same nationality as the organizing country are allowed to participate.
Quota according to the Fencingpass-licences by regional federations

German nationals according to sports regulations §§ 7/10/11, medical certificate (<365 days), with valid DFB-Sportpass and annual licence. The age specified in the competitions apply.
Fine for missing sports pass (individual / team) € 5 each.

In order to simplify the procedure, the fee to be paid according to the results list after the event will be invoiced by the DFB to the national professional associations (including possible referee replacement).

Quota The ranking position determines the participation.
Individual 4 3 1 2 9 1 7 2 1 1 7 4 1 2 4 1 2 2 4 8
Priority 8 16 4 9 14 5 20 12 6 3 7 15 2 11 19 1 13 10 18 17
Team 2 2 1 1 2 1 1 1 1 1 2 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1
Priority 5 9 18 10 1 19 4 13 20 17 3 6 16 12 8 15 14 11 7 2

Starter quotas: 98 individual starters and 24 teams

66 License quota of the national associations
32 performance ratio (best 32 of the current DFB ranking of U17)
20 teams, one team / regional association each
1 last years champion
  3 places 2-4 of the last year (supplement to the corresponding regional association)

1) After the registration deadline (12.00 clock server time) no more entries can be entered into the system.
2) The pools (including the replacement fencers to complete the pools) will be published on Wednesday before the start of the competition from 15 clock on The entries must correspond to a realistic participation! Short-term scratch - with or without a certificate - is only possible until the pools are set. Then in any case (also with a certificate) to pay the entry fee and in case of non-occurrence without cancellation / attest additionally the fine of 300 EUR.
3) The pools are binding. Short-term scratches can not be compensated by additional replacement.

Please pay attention to! Start Communities are possible. The start-up communities are compiled in accordance with the regulations set out in the Sports Committee resolution (see below) in the download area).


Referee qualification:

At least a national referee license is required

Die Kampfrichter dürfen das 60. Lebensjahr nicht vollendet haben.

Entries ind. Per region 4 - 7 8 +
Teams Per region 1 - 2 3 +
Mandatory referees 1 2
Fine Per day €335.00 €335.00

Referees must be provided based on the total entries per day.

The required number of qualified referees must be entered into the inscription system before athletes can be added to the competition.

The referees activity is not paid by the organizer.

For the determination of the compulsory judges, the status quo Monday night is binding before the German Championships. Number of referees in the individual will be determined / calculated according to the calculation of the participants on Monday with followers and will also exist in case of cancellation, even with a medical certificate. The team also fixes the referees as of Monday after refilling. (Sportcommittee 6/2019)

The judges must have at least the required license and an annual licence and be available for the entire duration of the event.

We expect an adequate appearance:
    - Ladies trouser suit or skirt
    - Men suit and tie

Federation Deutscher Fechter-Bund e.V.
Club Fechtclub Moers 1950 e.V.
Organizer Fechtclub Moers 1950 e.V. - Markus Tenbergen
Contact Mail:
Further information
View entries and results

Entries to:
until May 15, 2023, 12:00:00 PM Central European Summer Time only by: Regional federation
Cancel until May 17, 2023, 12:00:00 AM Central European Summer Time

Südwestdeutscher Fechtverband e.V. until May 8, 2023
Hessischer Fechterverband e.V. until May 1, 2023
Bayerischer Fechterverband e.V. until Apr 22, 2023
Hamburger Fecht-Verband e.V. until May 2, 2023
Fechterbund Mittelrhein e.V. until May 14, 2023
Fechtverband Niedersachsen e.V. until May 8, 2023
Fechterbund Saar e.V. until May 6, 2023
Sächsischer Fechtverband e.V. until May 15, 2023
Rheinischer Fechter-Bund e.V. until May 11, 2023
Westfälischer Fechter Bund e.V. until May 11, 2023
Brandenburger Fechterbund e.V. until Apr 20, 2023
Date of seeding-ranking May 16, 2023
Day Entry desk close Begin Continued Finals Competition allowed Quota Entry fee
20.05. 08:30 09:00 Foil Men's I U17 2006 - 2009 98 €30.00
21.05. 08:30 09:00 Foil Men's T U17 2006 - 2009 24 €48.00

Equipment check

Day Time Day Time Competition
19.05. 17:00 - 19:30 20.05. 07:00 - 08:30 Foil Men's U17 Individual
20.05. 14:00 - 15:00 21.05. 08:15 - 09:00 Foil Men's U17 Team

Referee meeting

Day Time Day Time Discipline
20.05. 08:00 21.05. 08:30 Foil

Payment Surcharge Remarks
Invoice - - The invoices are generated after the event based on actual results
Competition manager Wilfried Gsching

Preliminary rounds: No fencer will be released. While creating the club membership is taking into account. The pools will be established by the latest ranking.
14 pools of 7 participants.
Qualifiers after First round: The number of qualifiers is determined by the Technical Directorate (TD) on the day of the competition.
For index equality, all fencers with same index are qualified for the DE.
Direct elimination: Tableau 128 without repechage, finals of the top eight.
The third place will not be fenced.

The German Team Championships will be seeded by the individual german ranking list, refreshed after the german individual championships. Maximum 24 teams can particpate.
Direct elimination with fencing of all places.
The team matches are fenced in the relay mode according to the F.I.E. regulations.

The final time depends on the number of participating teams.

Rules and legal

The event takes place according to FIE and DFB regulations.


Organizer assume no liability. All participants are for responsible for the personal equipment.


The participants submit to the jurisdiction of the German Fencing Federation e.V.

Image / TV rights

The participants and their legal representatives declare that they agree to a publication of their names, clubs and year of birth as the as the competition data.. The fencer / legal representative declares his consent to the production, distribution and display of images, sound and film during the competitions. This consent is free of charge, has unlimited territorial and temporal validity and applies to the right to the image as well as the general right of personality. It includes all media, but in particular the right to reproduce recordings in print, TV shows and the Internet. There is the possibility, but no obligation, to give the name.


A doctor is present in the competition site.
Only doctors are entitled according to the international statutes to grant medical breaks during the fights.


Due to the currently ongoing Corona pandemic, the official Corona rules at the venue must be observed. There is a possibility that due to regional regulations no spectators and only limited attendants can be admitted and that only persons who are vaccinated or recovered can be admitted.

All participants are obliged to follow and observe even last-minute changes. No claim for damages against the DFB can be derived from the fact that an athlete or other participant cannot take part due to the Corona regulations applicable on site.

Should stricter regulations apply by the authorities, the state regulations shall take precedence.


Equipment according to definition DFB.

Awards Individual: Places 1-3 DFB championship medals
Places 1-8 DFB championship certificates
Team: Places 1-3 DFB championship medals
Places 1-4 DFB championship certificates
                         with the names of all team members
Catering The Cafeteria is run by our club.

After the registration deadline replenishment up to 98 participants according to the order of the Challenge quota.
License quota difference (starting with the LV, who have not yet received an extra place). Replacement fencers are to be named with the entries. No additional entries will be accepted on the tournament day.
Did not start cases are to be announced by the representatives of the regional associations on the day of the competition until the by present deadline.