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Referee licences

License level Discipline Valid
Regional Candidate regional Epee until Aug 31, 2023 Expired
Number of matches (pools/tableaus) refereed: Referee Videoreferee
(Depends on data digitally provided by the tournament organizer - may not be complete)) Round DE Round DE
Oct 2, 2021 BEL FF Braine l'Alleud CJL#1
2021 Circuit Jeunes Lames
Circuit Jeunes Lames
U11 U13 U15 Epee
15 (1)
9 (7)
Oct 3, 2020 BEL FF Onhaye CJL
2020 CJL
Circuit Jeunes Lames
U12 U14
Mar 7, 2020 BEL FF Ciney CJL
Circuit Jeunes Lames
Circuit des Jeunes Lames
U10 U12 U14 Epee
15 (1)