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Regional Championships

Rank Status Date Competition
20 5/11/19 GER Ditzingen Championships of Baden-Nord - Württemberg Epee Men's U11 Individual

Regional Tournaments

Rank Status Date Competition
15 12/8/18 / 12/9/18 GER Reutlingen Int. Achalm Cup of Reutlingen Epee Men's U11 Individual
17 11/17/18 / 11/18/18 GER Pliezhausen Neckar-Schönbuch-Cup Epee Men's U11 Individual


Rank Status Date Competition
8 7/28/19 GER Reutlingen allstar trophy Epee Men's U12-U10 Individual
Rank Status Date Competition
10 2/9/19 / 2/10/19 GER Ditzingen Ditzinger Young Masters Epee Men's U11 Individual



Rank Points Season Federation Ranking
16 16.00 2018 Württembergische Rangliste Württembergischer Fechterbund e.V. Epee Men's U11 Individual


Club Type Start End  
TSV Pliezhausen (GER) Club Sep 22, 2018 First membership